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Join thousands of students who improved their English with ILS Education Centre!

Awesome Communication

We strongly believe that everybody can speak a foreign language well despite their previous experiences, age, and fossilised bad habits!

Our integrated approach to teaching English focuses on learning to express yourself (speak) well and enable every single student to be an effective communicator in English.

Your Success - Our Mission

ILS Education Centre has one single objective - to meet all your English language needs from the first minute you join a class; our qualified and very experienced teachers, who have taught English as the first and second language, work nonstop to ensure you succeed!

Focus on Your Needs

Learning English in very small groups, thanks to devoted focus on your language needs & strengths, dynamic pace & unique methodology, and of course, great atmosphere, is an exciting experience at ILS Education Centre!

Guaranteed Progress

Get in touch and instantly we will get down to work to ensure you make a considerable progress in your English. Try ILS Education Centre & the only regret you will have is you didn't start earlier - progress from day one and greatly improve the quality of your life!

General English, English for work, ESOL, English courses for UK Visas, British Citizenship, Leave to Remain - GESE A1, A2, B1 (Trinity SELT), Academic IELTS (for university, doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, dental care professionals, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians), General IELTS for Canada, English Pronunciation & Fluency Classes, Speaking Classes, Cambridge B1 Preliminary, A2 Key, B2 First - FCE, C1 Advanced - CAE, C2 Proficiency - CPE courses, Business English, tuition / groups / 1 to 1


Are you afraid to speak in English?

Would you like to improve your pronunciation & fluency?

Don't you understand what the English people are saying to you?

Can't you read and/or write in English?

Can't you find a job because your English is not good enough?

Is the English grammar confusing for you & and would you like to start using it without thinking about it?

Would you like to improve your general English & take it to the next level?


Do you need to pass IELTS to work in UK as:

- a doctor?

- a dentist / dental care professional?

- a nurse / midwife?

- a pharmacist / pharmacy technician?

Do you need IELTS to study at university in UK?

Do you need to score 7.0 at IELTS and you always end up with 6.5?

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada or another country & you need to pass IELTS?

Do you need to pass A1 SELT – GESE Grade 2 exam for Further Leave to Remain?

Do you need A2 SELT – GESE Grade 3, to Further Leave to Remain visa extension?

Do you need B1 SELT – GESE Grade 3, to Further Leave to Remain visa extension?

Do you want to apply for British citizenship or to settle in UK (Indefinite Leave to Remain) and need B1 SELT – GESE Grade 5?

Do you need an FCE or CAE certificate?

If you answered "YES" to at least one of those
questions, ILS Education Centre have a course for you!

Check out the courses in our offer & make a booking of a course or a free consultation meeting to assess your
language needs.

Still not sure? Read the REVIEWS here!


Available Courses

  • General English
  • English for Work Courses
  • Pronunciation Courses
  • Speaking Classes
  • Bespoke English for Businesses

  • 1:1 Classes - tailored to your needs
  • Small Group Classes
  • 7 Levels of Advancement
  • The Most Flexible Lesson Schedule in West Midlands

  • IELTS exams
  • Trinity A1, A2, B1 SELT exams for Further Leave to Remain visa extension or for British citizenship
  • University of Cambridge certificates - FCE, CAE, CPE
  • Business English (BEC) - ends with Cambridge qualifications

  • Overseas students - live and breathe the English language in UK - build your package
  • Home stay with an English family, sightseeing, excellent various classes and sport activities.
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